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Yoel Shemesh

Yoel Shemesh, is a pianist, composer, an entrepreneur and the founder of Piano Sol method for piano playing.

Yoel performed his music at many music festivals in Europe and South America including “MVD Jazz Festival” (Uruguay), “United Islands” Festival (Czech Republic), Yearot Menashe Festival (Israel).

Yoel’s compositions use a combination of his childhood influence as the son of an Iraqi-Jewish father and Uruguayan mother. Also, Yoel combines ‘Jazzi’ modern language with inspirations of Oscar Peterson, Duke Ellington and Latin American composer Astor Piazzola.  

Yoel’s project “The Latin-Israeli Project” with Uruguayan percussionist Nico Arnicho was played live at the national theater of Montevideo ‘The Solis’, a cooperation between the Israeli Embassy and the Ministry of Culture.  

In 2019 Yoel released his Pop-Rock album ‘Habayta’(Home), produced by famous Israeli Hip-Hop producer Omer Mor (Isaac Da Bom) and his song ‘Hazarti’ (Came Back) was listed at the top chart of the Israeli radio stations.

Yoel was graduated in excellency at the Cross-Disciplinary Composition Department at the Academy for music and dance in Jerusalem, studied with Prof. Michael Wolpe and Prof. Benjamin Oren.