The Company

National Endowment for the Arts
Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles
California Arts Council
The Israeli Consulate, Los Angeles
Los Angeles Unified School District
Councilman Jack Weiss
Councilwoman Wendy Gruel


IAC - Israeli American Council
The Irvine Foundation
The Jewish Federation of Los Angeles
The Jewish Community Foundation
The Tel Aviv Los Angeles Partnership Committee
Milken Family Foundation - Lowell Milken
Martin Sosin-Stratton-Petit Foundation
Skirball Foundation
Gold Family Foundation
S. MarkTaper Foundation
Whizin Foundation
Barak Raviv Foundation
The American Jewish University
Center for Cultural Innovation
Jake and Janet Farber
Jonathan E. Mitchell 
Alliance for the Arts, Thousand Oaks
Sid and Nancy Ganis
Samuel and Helen Soref Foundation
Plum Foundation
Stringer Foundation
Kenneth & Beatrice Simon Fund
Winnick Foundation
Deutsch Foundation
Boeckmann Charitable Foundation

Eytan and Sue Avisar
Robin and Elliot Broidy, Markstone Capital. LLC
Sidonia Lax / Lewie's Group
Irene and Yoni Boujo
Bernard and Lynda Lax
Isaac and Miri Shepher
Kingsley and Kingsley (Darren Cohen)
Scott Cargle
Randy Bellous
Russell and Heather Gotlich
Rabbi Jerry and Jean Friedman
David Alterman
Sharon and Herb Glaser
Dan Sandel
Gerald and Roslyn Wythe
CIM Group - Shaoul Kuba, Avi Shemesh
Judge Michael Luros
Richard and Lois Gunther
Daniel Gunther
David Oved and Fred Leeds
Ronnie and Micahel Kassan
Fred and Gail Heim
Caren and Erwin Sokol
Phil Blazer
Gal Haas
Simon Edri
Vicki Shainoff
Nissan and Carmella Pardo
Farshid Eliasnik - Rex Fabrics
Lili Artenstein
Betty Rose
Scott Stone and Gary Brown
Sally Kurtzman
Jim and Jaleh Nowain
Rex Fabrics - Farshid Eliasnik
Ed and Belle Landa
Parvis and Pouran Nazarian
Stan & Rory Berk
Oded Zilberberg
Mark and Ellie Lainer
Kahn Family
Serge Reiss
Heidi Duckler
Rabbi Sheldon Pennes
Norman Tyre
Steve and Monica Tyre
Steve and Cathy Needleman
IAC- Israeli American Council
Ray Prinz
Donna Bender
Diane Kabat 
Michael and Iris Smith
Halina Wachtel
Shellie Yaseen
Teddy Rosenfelt




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