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Managing Director

Leah Bleiweis began dancing in ballet, tap and jazz classes when she was five years old. She danced for her high school dance and drill team for three years, but didn't find her true calling until she discovered Israeli dance at the Brandeis-Bardin Institute. There she met Keshet Chaim directors and was asked to join the company as a dancer in 1999. After a few years of volunteering for and dancing with the company, Leah's role began to grow, and she has now been a staff member since 2006, managing Keshet Chaim shows, tours and dancers.

Leah began working professionally in the arts in 2003 as the theatre manager for the ICC Scottish Rite Auditorium, an international cultural center and theater in the heart of Los Angeles. In 2004, she became the Director of Cultural Affairs for the Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles, acting as a liaison between the State of Israel and the local arts community.

Leah has since opened 1000 Skies PR, a public relations and production company that offers marketing, production and consulting services for small businesses and organizations in Los Angeles and for events and concerts throughout the United States. While 1000 Skies has clients of all types from consumer electronics companies to non-profit organizations, Leah has focused the company on clients within the arts community and the Israeli and Jewish communities that lie close to her heart.



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