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Gitit Kohavie, born in Israel, is a performer and a master teacher. In Israel, she is best known as a dancer and choreographer on “So You Think You Can Dance, Israel”. She represented Israel as the winner in the Nike Championship for women as a dancer. She participated in projects with the Bat Sheva and the Vertigo dance companies. Other credits include numerous television shows, stage performances and concerts. Gitit came to LA in 2008 and started performing with the Keshet Chaim Dance Ensemble, the Blue 13 Bollywood Compnay and several commercial ventures. She started teaching through Keshet and brings with her a tremendous energy, enthusiasm and love for children.

Kavita Rao holds a BA in dance and communications from Chapman University. Since moving to LA and signing with DDO Talent Agency for dance and Across the Board Talent for acting, Kavita has been featured in numerous lives shows, music videos, films, commercials and television shows. One of Los Angeles’s top Bollywood teachers and choreographers, Kavita runs two dance/entertainment companies: Flirt and Karmagraphy. She currently teaches throughout the world and has recently won best choreography awards and garnered rave reviews for her work.

Tzion Marciano was born in Morocco. He performed in Israel with the Inbal Dance Theatre, Bat Dor, Kol Od Mamma, Yonatan Carmon and Shalom 81. Marciano participated in the Habima National Theatre for several productions. Tsion is also a very talented choreographer. He choreographed for the Suzanne Dellal Center, Inbal Dance Theater and Carmiel Dance Festival. He is currently working with Keshet Chaim as a choreographer and performer.

Ilana Cohen was born in Rehovot. In 1989, she represented Israel in the International Dance Festival in North Carolina. She was part of the dance corps and performed as a solo dancer in Inbal Dance Theater for more than twenty years. She served as Artistic Director and choreographer of the Inbal Dance Theater for many years. Currently she teaches workshops and performs throughout Israel. Her previous work in Inbal includes "Kinah," "Em," "Hatzi Glimat Hamalhut," "Talouvot," "Ra'alah" and "Sajarra," which was a collaboration with the prominent musician Shlomo Bar.

Navon Amos lives in Israel and is the Artistic Director of an exciting entertainment group called “Demente”. This successful group combines drumming and dance, transforming raw talent into shows which remind us of “STOMP” and “Blue Man Group”. They opened the final show of Israel’s version of Britain’s Got Talent. They have had many guest appearances on prime time television shows and have won competitions in their field. Navon is also a master teacher and creator of unique children’s rhythm and drum shows. Additionally, Navon was a joint partner in the creation of the group “Tararam” in Israel.



















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