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Avi Avliav of AVLI Music Productions, born in Tel Aviv, Israel, is an award-winning songwriter, composer and pianist. Avi discovered his incredible passion and flair for music at the early age of five. Graduating at Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, he received a dual major in Music Production and Engineering (MP&E) and film scoring. Avi received a number of prestigious awards from Rimon during his time as a student there, among them, “Best Composer” (2001 and 2002), “Best Soundtrack Editing & Sound Design” (2002), and “Best Arranger” (2003).
In 2001, the young musician was nominated for an Israeli Oscar for his original score of “6 Million Pieces”. Avi followed this acclamation with another original score in 2003, for the short film, “Rapid Eye Movement” from Israeli filmmaker Omer Rise. The film’s soundtrack resonated exceptionally within the international film community, earning the award for “Best Music in Short Film” at the WorldFest International Film Festival in Houston, Festival de Cine International Iquiquein Iquique, Chile, and the International Panorama of Film & Video in Thessaloniki, Greece, all during that same year.
Avi established AVLI Music Productions in 2005, specializing in synthesizers, midi programming, and audio processing. His creative work ranges from dramatic, action-adventure, oriental and Arabic music, to modern, electronic rock and pop. By 25, Avi had produced over 40 live concerts and 30 individual records with AVLI Music Productions. Two of those records were produced with Israeli award winning artists who won for “Best New Artist” and received recognition for them in the years 2000, 2003 and 2006.

In 2008, Avi moved to Los Angeles and began working in artistic development with many young talents as a songwriter, composer and arranger. Additionally, he conducts several choirs, including the Ladino choir “The Kol Sephardic Choir” where he holds the position of Musical Director and Conductor.


Uri Ophir is a music composer for film and television. His works include the scores for films such as "Avanti Popolo", "Marco Polo", "Devarim", "Café Tales" and numerous other films. He has also composed the music for various television series such as "Reaching For Heaven", "Detective in Jerusalem", "Yarkon Zone", and other original productions. "Kwan Se Om", his original world music album, is currently selling in Israel and throughout Europe. Uri Ophir combines various musical styles in his work, from Jazz through ethnic, pop, and electronic music, to a fully orchestrated symphonic score. He became the musical director, composer and arranger for Keshet Chaim in 1992, and has since composed the original music for such favorites as "Neshama: Stories of the Soul", "The Queen of Sheba", and "Hassidic Soul". Today, Uri resides in a kibbutz with his family, and is a leading composer and teacher in Israel.


Sharon Farber, an award-winning composer originally from Israel, has received critical acclaim as a composer in the concert world as well as that of film and television. She brings to her music influences from her Middle Eastern heritage as well as her extensive knowledge of Classical and Western music. In the film and TV industry, Sharon has worked with such prestigious companies as NBC, Showtime and NBC as well as writing music for independent features and other projects. In addition, Sharon has continued writing concert and choir music in parallel to her film-scoring career, and her concert works have been premiered and performed in NY, Boston, Ohio, Berlin and Israel. Her commissioned work "Translucent Rocks" will open up the 2007/8 season of The Israeli Chamber Orchestra. Sharon is an affiliated artist of The Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity and is the Music Director of Temple Shalom for the Arts in Beverly Hills, as well as a board member of The Society of Composers and Lyricists.

Danny Meged is a composer and music producer and professional guitar player. Meged has produced music for major events all over Israel for the last 10 years including: 60 years of Independence, 100 years to the Kibbutz, 100 years to Tel Aviv and variety of national television shows. Meged has composed for special events and Israeli celebrations around the world including, original music for dance companies. Danny is best known for his powerful music featuring ethnic instruments, a symphonic sound creating powerful stage and film music.

Mariano Dugatkin is a well-rounded artist: award winning composer, pianist and bandoneon player, originally from Argentina. He holds a Master degree in Music Composition from the National University Art Institute of Buenos Aires, Argentina (IUNA).
His work has been performed at the most prestigious concert halls in Argentina and abroad. He has written music scores for films, commercials, theatre plays and dance shows. Dugatkin’s personal imprint comes out with his particular musical approach and his eclectic handling of musical languages. His extensive knowledge of Klezmer music and expertise in the Jewish traditions were an essential asset in the Argentinean version of The Dibuk, a classical Yiddish theater play. His Eastern European roots came out and play an important role in the development of this production, with the blending of the music genres Klezmer and Tango.
He has been awarded by the International Competition of Electroacoustic Music and Sonic Art of Bourges, France; by the National Composer’s Tribune Prize and the National Electroacoustic Music Rostrum Prize, UNESCO, in Argentina. He was Artist in Residence at the ISA in La Havana, Cuba; at the IMEB in Bourges, France; and at the University of Sheffield, UK.

David D'Or's unique counter-tenor voice is known throughout the world and led him to perform in the presence of the King of Thailand and the Pope at the Vatican. Born in Israel, to a family of Libyan Jewish cantors with ancient sources in Spanish Andalusia, his root-searching led him to discover and uncover a unique treasure which led back to the chanting at the Holy Temple. David has collected these holy songs, ancient chants, Yemenite Jewish songs of prayer and Sabbath songs such as "Lecha Dodi", and with his band of young virtuoso musicians from different origins (North Africa, Middle East, Balkan) he has created a new show, full of emotion and energy. Currently David is working on his new international album which will capture the magic of this new live show already taking the world by storm and generating overwhelming reviews around the

Nomai Concept (Alon Danin, Itzik Levi and Naama Pinchasov) is a unique music group from Israel. They composed music for two pieces that Keshet Chaim produced: "Voice of Peace" and "Sababa". They came to Los Angeles to perform live for the premiere of these two pieces in March 2007. Itzik Levi, flutist and soloist of the band, was born in a Tel Aviv suburb. At 7, he got his first recorder. He grew up on a kibbutz where he developed his true love for all kinds of flutes, which he taught himself to play. After his army service, Itzik started to play with several groups as a flutist and did a lot of solo work as well. A mutual friend brought Itzik and Alon Danin, two very different people, to play together at cafe-bars and from that to independent ventures. From those years together, Nomai Concept was formed. Alon Danin, keyboardist and arranger-producer of the band, learned to play classical piano at the age of 8 in Kiriat Ono, near Tel Aviv, where he grew up. After spending two years in America (in Chicago and St. Paul, Minnesota) during his high school years, he switched his focus from classical music to composition and continued composing throughout the time of his army service. He has worked with Itzik Levi to develop Nomai Concept, now his main focus. Naama Pinchasov, a soprano singer and part of the vocal trio of the group, has performed at many theatres and musical-related productions in Israel. She is currently working on her first solo CD.

Daniel Mandelman, born in Tel Aviv, Daniel started playing the piano at the age of 4 and hasn't stopped. By the time he was 20, Daniel was performing with the top artists in Israel, and had served many unique roles in the Israelie music scene. Some of the positions were; Music Director for multiple talk shows on the Israeli Broadcasting Network, In-house composer for the Israeli Kids Channel and a judge in the Israeli "American Idol". Since arriving in Los Angeles, Daniel has toured and recorded with artists such as Ziggy Marley,Paul Simon, Miranda Cosgrove, Eek A Mouse, Peter Himmelman, Scientist, Mikey Dread and many more. Daniel is currently working on his debut album under the stage name "MagalaPapa" , a project that has already drawn the attention of music fans, newspapers and critics.


















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