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"An outstanding performance with a broad view of Israel's history and traditions"
-Shavua Israeli, 2/4/09

"Twenty-five years is quite a feat, and what's great is that the company continues to grow."
–Broadway World 1/30/09

"Your talent and spirit lit up the place"
- Marcy Rainey, Chair, Jewish World Watch

"On behalf of all Californians, I wish you a memorable observance and every continued success."
- California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

"A beautiful dance show...breathtaking costumes, vibrant music and exhilarating dance"
- Lydie Parvedy, LA Splash 2/27/06

"Vibrant folk dancers donning multicolored costumes"
-Amy Lyons, Studio City Sun 2/24/06

"Met with critical acclaim and their next performance is eagerly anticipated"
-Spotlight Magazine, 2/1/06

"Your efforts to expose aspects of Jewish dance to a wide range of audiences are certainly praiseworthy"
- Los Angeles Mayor Richard J. Riordan

"One of the.. highlights of "Neshama -Stories of the Soul" is the incorporation of song in to Keshet Chaim's production."
- Kelly Hartog, Jewish Family 2/1/05

"Keshet Chaim's performances were wonderful and crowd pleasing and we could not be more thrilled"
- Sholmi Ravid, Director, Israel Center


















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