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"Keshet Chaim is conquering new heights"
-Shavua Israeli, 9/7/11

"Keshet Chaim’s haunting white-clad “Adon Olam” physically illustrated a 10-verse poetic Jewish liturgy with modern movement and graceful juxtaposition."
-M.R. Hunter, EyeSpy LA 9/6/11

"A colorful mixture of Israeli, African and Indian choreography, donning magnificent costumes as they gracefully moved across the stage."
-Jenny Platt, SoCal 9/3/11

Critics' Choice
-Shayna Sobol, LA Times 8/28/11

Go Guide: Pick of the Week
-Daily News, 8/26/11


Dance Pick of the Week
-LA Weekly, 8/26/11

'An Unforgettable Evening of Song and Dance"
-Serita Stevens, LA Splash 10/20/10

"There was not an empty seat in the house"
-Yediot Ahronot, 10/14/10

"As powerful and polished as River Dance, Stomp, Celtic Ladies or any of the other professional dance touring companies"
-Serita Stevens, LA Splash 2/9/09

"An outstanding performance with a broad view of Israel's history and traditions"
-Shavua Israeli, 2/4/09

















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