From the professionals:

"Entertaining and extremely informative concert that engaged students and teachers. The learning moved far beyond the confines of a performance."
Leah Bass-Baylis, Dance Advisor, Los Angeles Unified School District

“I truly enjoyed seeing so many young people of different backgrounds learning, sharing and dancing with no inhibitions! The world is theirs to save!"
Margie Reese, Cultural Affairs Department.



“I really liked the Mayim dance because it was the funnest dance I have ever done in my life”
Sarah A., 2/28/11

“Before I met you, I hated dancing. After I met you now I LOVE DANCING! It was the best thing that ever happened to me.”
Aleksandra, 3/2011

“Thank you for teaching us Israeli dance. I also learned when you go in the Dead Sea, there is no plant life, no animal life, and you can float and read the paper. And I learned that you can make the shape of Israel with your body, and I love the music. Shalom"
Sofia, 5/2009

“I never use to know about Israel. I am glad you taught me about Israel. I really enjoyed it”
Tyler, 3/2010

“Dear Keshet Chaim Dance Ensemble, Thank you so much for the wonderful performance about travelling to different places around the world. It was a whole lot of fun! I learned a lot about Israel, Israeli dances and some food they eat. My favorite part was when we danced at the end all together.”
Sara L., 5/2009

“My favorite day was when we danced with all the 3rd graders. Thank you for teaching us. It was something I will never forget”
 Alex. E., 3/2011


















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