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"… I introduced Israeli dance into the curriculum three decades ago. Thirty years later, I can honestly say without reservation, that I have personally witnessed over and over again, how Israeli folkdance has inspired so many people, old and young alike, to draw closer to our Creator and our people." Rabbi Paul Silton, Albany, New York

Keshet Chaim has been serving the community with its educational projects since 1995. Programming takes place in the public and private school systems, community centers, churches and various events. 

We have served thousands of children in the LAUSD public schools since 1995. It is wonderful to introduce diverse groups of students to the richness of Israeli culture.  More recently, the Keshet teachers, under the direction of Cecilia Hanono, have developed a highly acclaimed program appropriate for Jewish schools, temples, and community centers. "It is especially gratifying to bring Israeli dance to Jewish communities, because we are connecting these children and families to their own culture, putting them back in touch with themselves. There was dancing in Biblical days and Jews have danced in one form or another throughout the ages since then, whether to express the joys of spiritual ecstasy or the sadness of dispersion and persecution. “Today we dance both to celebrate our freedoms and communities and to remain connected to our past and our people." - Erica Goldman, Los Angeles. Our outreach campaign to Jewish schools has been highly successful; so successful that we needed more teachers. Therefore, we developed a training program for Israeli folk dance instructors, creating a pool of professional teaching artists ready to provide a unique service with an outstanding curriculum. Sharing dances, teaching tips and heartwarming stories from their experiences, our master teachers are exuberant and joyful, and pass on their love of Israeli dance and culture as well as their materials and curricula to the apprentice teachers. We have provided services to countless temples, camps, schools, and community centers. Among them are: Adat Ari El, Adat Shalom, Temple Ahavat Shalom, Temple Akiba, Temple Aliyah, Camp Alonim, American Jewish Committee, American Jewish University, BBYO Summer Programs, Beth Chayim Chadashim, Temple Beth Hillel, Temple Bnaim Hayim, Brandeis Bardin Institute, Chabad of Glendale, Chabad of Sherman Oaks, Chabad on Tampa, Chabad of the Marina, Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School, Heschel West, Temple Israel of Hollywood, JCC at Milken Summer Camp, Temple Judea, Kadima Hebrew Academy, Kehilat Ma’arav Synagogue, Temple Kol Tikvah, Camp Menorah, Temple Menorah, Milken Community High School, New Community Jewish High School, Or Ami, Camp Ohr Lanu, Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center, Camp Ramah, San Diego Hebrew Academy, Sephardic Temple, Sinai Temple, Temple Sinai of Glendale, Stephen S. Wise Religious School and ECC, Tuvia Preschool of Temple Menorah, Valley Beth Shalom Day School, and Valley Outreach Synagogue.Our most recent focus has been to share our culture to adult, secular communities. This outreach has taken place during the years through working with church choirs and non-denominational choirs, which in turn have brought their communities to be audience members. The company’s last two self-produced concerts were heavily centered on inter-faith programming. Our teachers have given workshops for Unitarian churches and also worked with the American Jewish Committee to give workshops for the Latin-American communities.

Our programs are built to be adjusted to each group’s specific goals and restraints. Various age groups, levels of dance experience, and scheduling frequencies can all be accommodated. If you would like more information on bringing us to your community, please contact, Cecilia Hanono, Education Director at



















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