Sunday, November 1st, 1998 at 8:00 PM

Gindi Auditorium, Bel Air
Presented by: Keshet Chaim


Take David De’Or, a celestial contra-tenor whose range of musical styles is only surpassed by his vocal range, combined with Shlomo Bar, an awe-inspiring drummer and vocalist influenced by the music of a timeless past, and you are witness to one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing musical collaborations ever.  David and Shlomo infuses the sounds and styles of these two renowned Israeli musicians with great sensitivity and depth in such a way that the “audience is moved to tears.” (Maariv Newspaper)  The repertoire of this unique concert highlights the works of both David De’Or and Shlomo Bar as well as specially arranged versions of many of Israel’s most popular songs that depict the heart and soul of Israeli song writing and display a vast cultural and musical spectrum of Israeli music. This performance will be part of their US tour which will culminate in a performance in Washington DC in the Library of Congress.

David and Shlomo was originally performed in 1994 at Israel’s preeminent Arad Festival where the press celebrated this performance as the “Crown Jewel of the Festival.”  It was after this performance that Yosi Haronsky of Israel’s Maariv Newspaper described David and Shlomo as a “Meeting of a voice from the Heavens and a Voice from the Earth.” Indeed David De’Or has a heavenly voice.  With a range of three and a half octaves, David De’Or possesses an angelic contra-tenor voice as well as a deep, rich baritone – this amazing range surprises even the most experiences musicians with whom he has worked.  Among these musicians is renowned conductor of the Israeli Philharmonic, Zubin Mehta and conductor Serfio Comissiona who invited David De’Or to perform the tenor part in the Balitmore Symphony Orchestra’s Production of Carmina Burana in April 1996.  A graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music, David De’Or has appeared as both an actor and a singer at the Israeli Habima National Theatre and has released three albums. 

Shlomo Bar’s voice represents the salt of the earth in its rich, soul-searching sounds.  Bar, a Moroccan-born Israeli, approaches his music with the Middle-Eastern philosophy of continuously linking the past with the present.  “For me,” says Bar, “music is something eternal, without beginning or end.”  Shlomo Bar is the founder and moving spirit of Habrera Hativit (The Natural Choice), one of Israel’s most original ethnic bands.  Since 1977, Habrera Hativit has been known for its ability to fuse Israel’s myriad of musical roots, a combination of musical traditions from all over the world, into an original dynamic sound using hand drums, flutes, violin, Persian sentur, acoustic guitar, jambush, electric bass, accordion, and classical Indian drums (Dolki and Dholak).

David and Shlomo is a performance that is sure to inspire any audience and present the soul of Israeli music in an authentic way that is make possible through the talents and spirit of these two unique musicians.


















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